Natural Veil Cristal Stick 60g

A 100% natural product, potassium sulphate – aluminium volcanic origin, which has natural bacteriostatic properties.  It is completely safe, hypoallergenic, contains nonchemical additives, it is not fragranced. It has a crystalline structure. does not contain alcohol does not cause irritation or allergies, relieves inflammation odourless Features: A 100% natural and antibacterial, contains no harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic, it contains no emulsifiers to block pores and sweat glands…

Olive Shower Cream 350ml

This delicate creamy shower gel creates rich foam and gently cleanses your skin, preventing its over drying. Olive extract has a smoothing and hydrating effect and prolongs the youth of your skin. APPLICATION: Apply an even layer to the damp skin of your body and rinse off thoroughly with water.  $16.70

Soft Gel For Delicate Care 360ml

Delicate gel series “Altai” was created not only to gently look after genital hygiene and keep the pH balance but also to strengthen the local immunity of tissues, increase resistance to aggressive microorganisms and prevent inflammation. Gentle Cleansing Gel provides a feeling of freshness and gentle intimate care. Effectively softens and moisturizes the skin and…

Aloe Shower Cream 350ml

Aloe is a green gold of nature that provides delicate care for sensitive skin prone to dryness. Perfect natural moistening!  $14.30

Olive Body Cream 350ml

Luxurious nourishing product for your velvety skin. Contains extract of olives and vitamin E.  $23.70

Rose Body Lotion 350ml

Satisfaction presented by the most sensual flower in the world! Essential oil of rose astonishingly freshens skin, fills it with a unique scent of love. $20.30

Mandarin Dessert Cream Body Souffle 240g

Extraordinary gentle Cream Souffle has an invigorating aroma that leaves a pleasant trail upon the skin. It gets easily and fully absorbed, taking a delicate care of skin beauty and softness. Airy texture provides a cost-effective expenditure of Cream Souffle and eliminates the appearance of greasy residue on the clothes. When you need it Cream…

Apple Pie Cream Body Souffle 240g

Cream Souffle has a melting texture, so that it affects the skin as gently as possible. Refreshes and softens, removes dryness and tightness. A pleasant fragrance leaves a long lasting delicate trail upon the skin. Cream Souffle gets instantly absorbed and does not leave any marks on clothes, as well as it is economizing to…

Morning Coffee Cream Body Souffle 240g

Cream Souffle with its soft melting texture gently nourishes the skin, making it supple and soft. Instant absorption, leaving no greasy residue, makes cream purely irreplaceable. Pleasant fragrance remains upon the skin for long. When you need it Ideal to restore the optimal balance of skin moisture after taking a shower. Removes a feeling of…

Apple Pie Shower Cream Gel 200ml

Fruit tenderness and luxurious creamy texture of a gel will grant your skin with an infinite felicity. Light airy foam delicately cleanses skin, making it soft and supple. Skin acquires a subtle summer aroma.  $9.00

Chocolate Fantasy 200ml

Sweet tooth choice! Splendid gel with a creamy texture turns your regular bath taking into a genuinely delightful one, while filling your bathroom with a chocolate headiness. Renders a relaxing and soothing action upon skin, making it smooth like silk.  $9.00