The world of cosmetics is a very competitiveĀ  Nearly every day we learn about new , more improved products containing many unheard of components.

One of themĀ  is, what we call Nano Technology. All majors names in cosmetics, like Lorea`l , are fighting to bring more and more advanced creams and makeup items. Many direct sales companies are bringing their own products for the person to person distribution. Quite often these are far better valued than the one we purchase in the shops.
Women and men are spending billions of Pounds on personal care products and cosmetics. Well, it seems that people and cosmetics manufacturers in the West have not thought of the emerging markets when planning their future products, for one company named TianDe. Russian company , is currently sweeping the Eastern European markets with a tremendous force and it is onn the way to expand toward West. Jusr started in the UK. Tiande products are a collection of exclusive Beauty, makeup preparations and health goods based on ancient formulas of Oriental Medicine and up-to-date scientific developments.

Each TianDe product is based on genuinely natural ingredients: Herbal Infusions (Ginseng, Ginger, Lotus, Laminaria etc.); Essential Oil (of Ylang-ylang, Ginseng, Rosemary, Almond etc.); unique animal components (Sheep Placenta, Snake Oil, Shark Cartilage, Collagen etc.), minerals (Pearl , Gold, Silver, Silicon etc).

Due to high percentage of natural ingredients included in TianDe products excel by extra efficiency and delicate influence upon the organism. The appliance result is correlated with therapeutic treatment.
All distributed in UK products are certified with ISO 9001:2000 to confirm high performance of our production process.

What TianDe offers currently to its clients is a selection of more than seven hundred products, starting from makeup products right down to personal care, and men`s products. A new line of ECO products has been recently introduced.

The interesting part is that these products are created by using some of the world oldest recepies that exist. Based on the old Chineese and Tibetian traditon, bringing back the world`s eldest methods in to the modern world. China has the oldest tradition in making cosmetics, thus Tiande has made a conscious decision to enter the market with a combination of nano technology and old methodology to create unique cosmetics, that not only bring on beauty, but also health!!

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