Spa Glove

A special grainy structure of the mitten makes it a truly multifunctional product that safely removes the keratinized layer of the epidermis, create a massaging effect and helps improve the ‘orange peel’ skin and prepare the skin for tanning. After the peeling procedure the skin becomes impeccably smooth, elastic, silky, breathes better, and makes further…

Foundation Sponge

Subtle Toning Description: Makes it possible to carefully apply the foundation. Easy to wash after usage $3.90

Glass nail file Master Nail

Glass nail file Master Nail (delicate and quality manicure) Description: Modern crystal coating from hardened glass files nails in most delicate manner. Provides well-attended look to exfoliated nails. $6.80


Free hair Description: Soft cotton lycra-containing hairband with a tuoch fastener. $3.90