Hair Growth Activator Tonic 50g

Active composition influences directly upon hair follicles, preventing extra hair loss.

At the heart of the tonic activator there is a rich bouquet of Tibetan herbal extracts,
obtained using innovative supercritical extraction methods.
Highly concentrated herbal extracts present in this product provide a high stimulation of hair roots.
With the use of Synergy of Performance, herbal extracts are able to penetrate the hair structure
and follicles deeply, which provides extra stimulation.

Active Ingredients directly affect the hair follicles, providing a comprehensive effect:
stopping hair loss, stimulating new hair growth, normalizing the sebaceous glands,
providing rich nourishment, returning the hair’s natural vitality and beauty.
The tonic also helps the hair resist the negative external influences.
The result from the use of the tonic activator remains for a long time.

Tonic general characteristics:

Stimulates hair growth.
Nourishes and strengthens hair.
Prevents hair loss.
Normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Method of application: Apply the tonic to areas of hair loss, rub into the roots of the hair for a few minutes.
Carry out this procedure daily, morning and evening.
If possible use the Mezoroller to enhance the tonic absorption.
The recommended length of this treatment is 1 – 6 months.
You will reach the maximum results when the Activator Tonic, Shampoo
and Mask of Bio Rehab Series are combined at application.


Use: 10 drops to 2. Liters of water, apply toner to the places where the hair falls out, a few minutes to rub the scalp and hair roots. Follow this procedure every day in the morning and evening. Recommended treatment course is 30 days. The maximum effect can be achieved using a Bio Complex Rehab shampoo and hair mask.

Tonic effect: prevents hair loss, stimulates new hair growth,
normalizes sebaceous glands in the scalp, provides effective power, restoring hair’s natural beauty.



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