Green Tea Shampoo, 200ml

This shampoo is formulated on the basis of the biologically-active components of green tea.

It promotes restoration of the internal structure of damaged hair,
compensating for natural moisture loss, preventing the occurrence of split
ends while boosting strength and fullness. Nourishes hair from the roots to the ends,
giving it renewed vigor and a healthy shine.

The antioxidants contained in green tea extract protect the hair shaft from damage,
and hair pigment from fading. The fatty acids and lipids contained in camellia oil
are almost identical to those found in our skin, allowing the oil to superbly penetrate the scalp,
providing hair follicles with additional nutrition and repairing damaged sections of the cuticle.

The shampoo formula is fortified with a “silky” guar that smoothes keratinized scales,
leaving hair soft, silky and smooth.



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