Snake Oil Antifungus Cream 30g

Excellently protects the skin, maintains normal pH, relieves irritations, heals cuts and wounds and eliminates toxins. Disinfects, improves blood circulation, relieves itching, provides antibacterial effect.

Prevents the occurrence of minor skin infections, eliminates unpleasant odor and perspiration and makes the skin beautiful and well maintained.

Snake oil is an ancient remedy used by Eastern medicine;
it has an excellent penetrating property, ensures quick recovery and healing of the skin, reduces inflammation and softens rough, chapped skin.

Application: Apply morning and evening on cleansed feet and massage until completely absorbed.

Ingredients: salt water, extract of snake oil, bisabolol, stearin, dimethicon, beeswax, kinetin, allantoin, natural moisturizing ingredients, Cetyl and Stearyl alcohols, l anolin, Parabens, D-panthenol, vitamin E, PP, B6, C; fragrance



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