Balance Clarifying Toner 100ml

This ultra-light toning product is really a “freshness concentrate,” designed to saturate
the skin with energy. In addition to Aloe extract, Balance Facial Toner contains algae
extract and allantoin.
Algae extract is an “energizer battery for cells”: It contains a mineral energy cocktail in
which zinc, copper and magnesium are of the greatest significance to “tired” skin cells.
• Zinc is an important conponent for the more than 200 enzymes involved in metabolic
and tissue-regeneration processes
• Copperencourages the healing of wounds and scratches, activates cell growth.
• Magnesium is essential to the proper functioning of the enzymes involved in the
formation of connective tissue.

Fact: 1 kg of algae contains the same quantity of copper, zinc and magnesium as 10 tons of sea water

• Gently removes make-up while moisturizing and toning the skin.
• Normalizes oil-gland production, cleanses and constricts the pores, giving the skin a
matte tint.
• Clarifies and smoothes the skin’s surface, soothing skin irritation and reddening.

After washing, apply a small quantity of the toner to the face and neck using
a cosmetic pad.

Suitable for all skin types.

Physiological skin balance: sebum production is normalized, pH-balance is achieved.



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