Revitalizing Tonic 100ml

Our skin is constantly being renewed. New cells are born in the lowest, basal epidermis
layer. After separating from the basal membrane, they take the path of inevitable
death: as they gradually move to the skin’s surface, they transform into dead, corneous

When we are young, our skin cells are renewed over the course of roughly 28 days; this
cycle increases to 40 days by age 30, with the regeneration period lasting a full 60-80
days by age 40.

Revitalizing Facial Toner stimulates the skin’s renewal processes: basal layer cells
receive a signal to function at an accelerated rate more typical of young skin. The active
ingredients contained in this toner, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, promote this

Hyaluronic acid is the “faithful companion of collagen”:
• fills the space between long-chain collagen and elastin molecules, keeping the
dermal structure in the proper position, preventing facial contours from becoming
deformed and the skin from becoming faded and wrinkled;
• plays the role of “molecular sponge,” attracting moisture while preserving dermal
water balance, regulating tone and resiliency, i.e. firmness;
• provides for the movement of nutrients from blood vessels to skin cells.

If collagen is like the springs in the skin’s “mattress,”
hyaluronic acid is the mattress packing — essential to the
restoration of softness and beautiful appearance.

Algae extract is an “energizer battery for the cells”:
• contains a mineral energy cocktail in which zinc, copper and magnesium are of the
most significance for “tired” skin cells:
• zinc is a vital component for the more than 200 enzymes involved in metabolic and
tissue regeneration processes;
• copper promotes the healing of wounds and scratches, activates cell growth;
• magnesium is essential to the proper functioning of the enzymes involved in the
formation of connective tissue;

Zinc, copper and magnesiumare cofactors of the most important antioxidant enzyme
superoxide dismutase. This is the enzyme responsible for reducing the frequency of cell
damage. It neutralizes the effect of the most common — and most dangerous — free
radicals, superoxides. In the human body, the quantity of superoxide dismutase declines
with age, while the amount of free radicals increases.

It’s a fact: 1 kg of algae contains the same quantity of
copper, zinc and magnesium as 10 tons of sea water.

Algae is one of the most ancient biological species on
Earth. Over the innumerable years of their existence,
these marine plants have gained a unique intracellular
balance — they’re even immune to radioactive radiation.

Panthenol is provitamin B5, a derivative of pantothenic acid (from the Greek word
“pantos,” meaning “everywhere”). Pantothenic acid is contained in all living cells:
• has a dermatoprotective property: it promotes rapid tissue regeneration, soothes
• acts as a moisturizer, improving hydration of the skin’s corneal layer and decreasing
water loss;
• makes skin more resistant to UV rays.

Allantoin is made from the roots of woundwort (Symphytum officinale), a plant that has
been used in the healing of wounds and regeneration of injured tissues since ancient
times. Allantoin:
• has a regenerating effect, stimulates skin healing, softens and soothes the skin;
• has a keratolytic effect: softens the corneous layer, thereby promoting the exfoliation
of dead cells;
• effectively prevents the clogging of pores and development of blackheads.

• Refreshes and tones the skin by gently removing makeup and cleanser residue.
• Provides intensive, long-lasting moisturizing.
• Promotes epidermis renewal and stimulates the
production of collagen and elastin fibers, leaving the
skin supple and firm. It boosts the performance of
subsequent cosmetic care products.

Apply to the cleansed face and neck in the morning and in
the evening using a cotton pad.

Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

Your skin becomes smooth, supple and firm, radiating with health and energy.



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