Active Crystal Collagen Mask On Eyelids 1 pc

The mask is a pliant sheet with a gel-like consistency that follows the contours of your
face. The tight fit provides a thermal effect and excellent nutrient absorption. The mask’s
active ingredients are hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin E (tocopherol) and pantothenic acid.

Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid:
• a cellular energy source that promotes skin cell renewal and enhances its natural
• an “anti-stress vitamin” for the skin that promotes tissue recovery;
• improves cellular metabolism.

• Moisturizes the skin, prevents moisture loss.
• Helps smooth fine lines.
• Has a lifting effect.

Apply to the thoroughly-cleansed eyelid skin. Remove the mask 15-20 minutes later
without washing off the serum. Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.
Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

Intensive restoration of the elasticity and resiliency of eyelid skin.

Application: Use the mask immediately after opening, apply on well-cleansed skin. After 15-20 min take it off and rinse your face with water. Recommended for use after the age of 35.


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