Phytocorrector Anti-Acne Facial Lotion 10g

“PhytoCorrector” Anti-Acne Facial Lotion is a topical product, it should be applied directly
to acne foci.

It is commonly believed that oily skin and acne are problems of young people experiencing hormonal
change. But adult people also suffer frequently from increased skin oiliness. According to statistics, up to
80% of the population faces the problem of acne at age 12-25, and approximately 30-40% of all people aged
25 or older.

Active lotion ingredients are extracts of Salvia miltiorrhiza, Lonicera Caprifolium,
Chrysanthemum Parthenium and Mentha Piperita Leaf.

Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract:
• stimulates the protective mechanisms of the skin’s immune cells;
• contains polysaccharides moisturizing the skin;
• contains polyphenols, which resist the attack of free radicals.

The skin is the body’s shield, constantly repelling attacks from
the outside world. Many microbes coming in contact with the skin die within 20-30 minutes.

Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract:
• when coming in contact with the skin, it creates a sesation of coolness by rapidly consticting pores and
lowering oil gland activity;
• improves skin cell circulation and metabolism;
• fights against acne by preventing bacterial propagation.

Chrysanthemum Parthenium Extract:
• contains highly-active antioxidants — vitamin C and vitamin E; their content in Chrysanthemum Parthenium
is greater than that in any other plant;
• helps smooth out small wrinkles;
• enriches the skin with mineral substances: potassium, magnesium and zinc.

• Prevents the development of acne, regulates oil gland activity.
• Removes erythema, soothes the skin, prevents the occurrence of scars.
• Strengthens the skin’s natural protective resources.

Apply the product to acne-affected areas several times daily. Use in combination with the other products in the
Master Herb line to achieve the best results.

The secret of perfection is now available for your skin: the problem of acne is solved



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