Facial Peeling – Tibetan Herbs 75g

Peeling is an exfoliation process of the superior epidermal layers. Peeling stimulates
regeneration processes in the skin and promotes its renewal.

The peel in the Tibetan Herbs line provides superficial exfoliation of the facial skin.
Superficial peeling is called “lunchtime-peeling.” This is the most sparing method of
all chemical peels: it does not leave traces requiring healing. This procedure causes
sloughing of the epidermis layer approximately 0.06 mm thick; this is sufficient to
refresh the overall “look of the face,” improve the condition of skin affected by acne,
smooth fine wrinkles, make superficial nevi pigmentosis less noticeable, and tighten
large pores.

• Effectively cleanses facial skin, accelerates metabolic processes that prevent the
development of defects in the form of wrinkles, blackheads, hyperkeratosis and
• Smoothes skin contour, improves complexion.
• Increases the skin’s moisture content.

Recommended usage frequency:
• oily skin — 2-3 times a week,
• normal skin — 1-2 times a week,
• dry, sensitive skin — once every 2 weeks.

Apply a small quantity of the peel to cleansed facial skin, except for the eye area,
massaging in for 1-2 minutes. Wash off thoroughly with water. It is recommended to use
sunscreen with UV protective filter after using the peel. It is not advisable to sunbathe,
use masks-films or other exfoliants for 2-4 days after treatment, depending on skin type.

Smoothed micro-contour, improved skin texture and color.



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